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The Best Crypto Currency in the World, Right Now.

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If we ask people to buy a crypto currency today they will laugh at us and call us fools but these same people could have invested most of their fortune into crypto a few months ago. These people are naive and only live in today’s world. To make our future better we have to take the right decisions now.

If we have a look at the history the crypto currency market has always been a very volatile one. In the recent years if we take a look at their losses, the crypto lost about 60% of it’s value between June 2019 and March 2020, It lost almost similar amount in the November of 2022 and not to forget the scary period of 2013 to 2015 in which crypto lost close to 80% of it’s value.

But even after all these lows crypto always climbed its way back to a new high. It has been a really volatile market but it has always spelled profit for long term investors. Even after loosing so much in the month of November itself crypto still stands strong in the market with a cap of hundreds of billions of dollars.

If we talk about the best crypto currencies in the world right now I can only think about three of them and they are a must to have if you are a long term investor. They are as follows :-

-> Bitcoin

-> Ethereum



It is one of those blue-chips crypto currency. It’s collapse would mean that the whole crypto market has now dissappeared. It is so well established that currently at the time of writing the article it is valued at INR 26 lakhs crores. Even counting the zeroes in that will take us a few seconds. Just a single bitcoin is valued at INR 13,70,000 approximately. All this insanity after loosing about a three fourth of it’s value in recent years. This tell us how massive the bitcoin is. Given the fact that only 21 million bitcoins will ever exist and seeing that many people who invested in it during the days of it’s struggle have lost a chunk of them it isn’t a very bad idea to own some of these rarer than gold virtual coins. They are a great asset for future as well because now many companies are accepting payments in bitcoins and the user base is just growing every day without any exception. Some countries even held elections in their country using bitcoins So, Bitcoin can be considered as the best crypto as of now but the problem lies in it’s insanity. Yes, it is not something that everyone can own due to it’s insanely high price. That’s why lets talk about the other two which are cheaper than bitcoin.


It is the second best crypto currency in the market. Although bitcoin has a really high market value but ether is not bad by any standards. Infact, it is more than three times more valuable than the third highest valued crypto. It is currently valued at around 150 billion dollars in total. It is also the most used crypto and it works on the ethereum block chain model. It now also uses a Proof-of-stake protocol after the Ethereum Merge in September and therefore it is far more energy efficient than Bitcoin.


It is not that well established and has a low market value too but what I see in this crypto is the potential it has for the future. It’s subnets technology is what makes it more unique than others. It is currently valued at about 892 crores of rupees but a single token can be obtained for about INR 1000.

Conider all this and decide for yourself – Which is the best crypto currency in the world currently that you should invest in?

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